Reflections On The Intimidating World of Film Blogging

While I’ve only been blogging for less than three weeks, it already seems far longer. It had been months that I had been thinking about blogging or podcasting. The obvious reason was I wanted a place to voice my opinion on film-related topics, but more importantly for me, is that I wanted to be part of the film-blogging community.

I started as an e-mailer more than a blogger. At first I would simply email my favourite bloggers and podcasters and hope that my email would be discussed.

However this wasn’t enough. I wanted to be more than simply a fan but to be part of the community. And that meant embracing social media.

It took months but using WordPress as the platform,I finally started my own blog. I went back to my completely dormant Twitter account. And I started a Facebook page.

It felt great, I was getting followed by real people and not bots wanting to sell sex or real estate. And, I was getting many hits per day. However, even if this was rewarding, it wasn’t why I started, I wanted to be part of the film community and this didn’t happen instantly.

The reality is most of those hits were from people checking the blog and leaving before reading much of anything. It was discouraging, and it explains why a large number of bloggers quit within the first month of starting.

After a week I started to receive comments and emails from readers, asking for my opinion or simply complimenting me on my site. Those kinds of comments told me I was moving in the right direction. But I still felt like a fan; a blogger imitating his favourite writers and podcasters.

The question that was bothering me was: how can I join this inner circle of influential bloggers and podcasters?

However, I realized that I had been blogging for only two weeks and the most influential blogs had been going for a year, two, three and so on. If I want to be invited on to podcasts or be recognized I can’t simply expect it to happen right away. It will take lots of hard work and patience as my readership grows most important is that I have to become extremely active within the community.

But then again, maybe I’ll linger in obscurity for the duration of my blogging career, as most do. Either way, I need to stick to what I am doing, improve, get a steady readership and what follows will happen naturally.

Getting discouraged is easy in a world where thousands of blogs are started every week. If you have a interesting opinion and writing style, people will read your work, it is simply a matter of sticking to what you started, being active in the community and not expect to become Slashfilm, Cinematical, AintitCool or any of the major bloggers overnight.

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2 Responses to Reflections On The Intimidating World of Film Blogging

  1. Hi Daniel,
    this is a great review. We keep reading your stuff! Wonderful.
    Marius, Jane’s colleague

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