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CGI Versus The Horror Film!

Like almost all genres of film, horror hinges on the audience’s suspension of disbelief. Often the most important job of a director is keeping our suspension of disbelief alive no matter what is happening on screen. With the heavy use … Continue reading

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From the Silver Screen to the Small Screen

Since the inception of broadcast television and the hour long drama, television has always tried to emulate film. Arguably, for decades, it failed to reach its goal. There were several reasons for this. For film, the possibilities are almost endless, … Continue reading

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Remaking Our Childhood Memories

It is fair to say, nearly everyone has at least one film they hold dear from their earliest childhood. These are the films that left a mark; the films that inspired our creativity, or simply were the best way to … Continue reading

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Film Influences

Most film bloggers will write a list of their favourite films to let the reader get to know them. While this is a good idea, if presented without context, this list will be without true meaning. Instead of writing a … Continue reading

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Have You Really Seen That Film?

When I put Criterion‘s recent release of The Red Shoes in my DVD player, I was instantly mesmerized by the quality of the transfer. It looked as if it had just been made. The quality of the transfer directly influenced … Continue reading

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Joy of the Art House Cinema

When I was 13, my brother took me to see my first film in an art house theatre, the Bytowne Cinema in Ottawa. We saw Casablanca, and I have to admit, I cannot recall if I enjoyed it or not. … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Lebanon

The true sign of a great film is the emotional mark it leaves once the credits finish their upwards scroll. It is easy to make you laugh or cry during a film but most will not leave you with a … Continue reading

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