The Problem With Being A First-Time Filmmaker

While funding for emerging filmmakers has always been scarce, with the 2008 budget cuts that ended the Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund, funding for first time filmmakers is near impossible to acquire. As the other sources of funding do not consider those without filmmaking experience, those wishing to create their first film are put into a difficult position.

Because of this I must take another approach.

A new way to fund first-time filmmakers is through crowd funding sites like, Kickstarter, and IndieGoGo. That being said, the success of the funding campaign will largely depend on the support and excitement you are able to generate. That is why I am asking for your help and support.

Since elementary school I’ve only had one dream and life goal: to become a filmmaker. That passion for film never waned, it only grew. In high school I spent my time studying and falling in love with every genre of film. I would convince friends to be in my short films, and beg my teachers to let me make videos instead of essays.

Unable to afford to leave Ottawa for film school, I was forced to go another route. Currently studying English at Carleton University, I plan on learning how to be a filmmaker a different way. Over the last several months I have written a screenplay for a short film that I am far more proud of than anything I have made.

Over the next two months I hope to raise two thousand dollars to fund my short film, The Dead Days of Summer. The film is a coming-of-age genre film, focussing on a group of teenagers over the course of a summer as they deal with the frustrations and emotions that come with being that age. The twist to the story is that the film takes place in a world where the undead roam the countryside, and those remaining humans live in fenced communities.

I have always been fascinated by genre films which capture how it feels to be a kid and a teenager, while still being in situations unlike anything anyone has experienced. Films like E.T., Where The Wild Things Are, and Let Me In, are huge inspirations for this story in terms of the honesty they bring to the screen.

Over the next couple of months, I will be writing about the process of getting this film made. While I will certainly still have the regular articles each week, a new focus will be on my own personal filmmaking journey.

Over the last couple months I have realized that just simply waiting around will not help me with my life goal, that is why I am putting my future into my own hands. The Dead Days of Summer will be my first real cinematic effort, and I hope to get it into film festivals later in the year.

My hope is to create anticipation and buzz around this project, enough to get the film fully funded and finished. I look forward to your ideas on how to generate interest in the project and any help you can provide. This film will allow me to finally call myself what I have always wanted to be, a filmmaker.

To donate and learn more click here.

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3 Responses to The Problem With Being A First-Time Filmmaker

  1. From what I’ve seen, this certainly looks like some good stuff. I will indeed spread the word every way I can!

  2. Kirby Voss says:

    Just donated! Also a college student, but I’m glad I can help. Pass the help along if you make it big!

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