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The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, however that doesn’t necessarily translate into great filmmaking. Countless filmmakers openly admit to being inspired by specific films they grew up watching, and while this can certainly lead to fantastic works, … Continue reading

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The Selfish Act Of Filmmaking

As I am currently in pre-production for my first film, the basic question of why I want to make this film keeps coming up. A question I often ask myself is why did a filmmaker want to direct a certain … Continue reading

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Another Take On Comedy

Comedy is arguably the least respected film genre — although horror could certainly make a strong case. Whether it be due to the fact most comedies do not strive to say anything of great significance, or that often the filmmaking … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s Rejection of Creativity

In the summer of 2009, a film was released that was set to rejuvenate Hollywood’s thirst for original content: Neill Blomkamp’s District 9. Less than a year later, James Cameron’s Avatar came out, supposedly changing Hollywood forever. And just this … Continue reading

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The New Dimensions Of Film

Every generation has seen new technologies emerge which promise to change cinema forever. From the introduction of sound, colour, and widescreen, cinema has been an ever-adapting artistic medium. Over the last decade we have seen the introduction of two major … Continue reading

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Don’t Give Michael Bay Another 10 Dollars

Every year we see many disappointing films, the worst of which you come out feeling like you’ve wasted the price of admission. These films make you think of all the better films you could have seen, or all of the … Continue reading

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