Don’t Give Michael Bay Another 10 Dollars

Every year we see many disappointing films, the worst of which you come out feeling like you’ve wasted the price of admission. These films make you think of all the better films you could have seen, or all of the better ways you could have spent that money.

This year we will have an all time record number of sequels being released. Of course many of these films will end up being great, but others not so much.

As I am currently mid-way through my crowd-funding campaign to raise $ 2,000 for my coming-of-age zombie film, The Dead Days of Summer, I want to put something into perspective. This summer many of you will be tempted to see the second sequel to a film you probably did not like in the first place, Michael Bay’s Transformers 3.

As ticket prices have risen recently, the minimum you will be spending on this glorified kid’s toy commercial is ten dollars, and that is if you see it in 2D.

While Michael Bay won’t notice if you were to skip out on his film, the money you would spend on it would make a huge difference in the creation of my film.

Of course there are many films worth spending the money on this summer, and while I would never suggest skipping out on the worthwhile ones, I am asking you to rethink some of your choices. Instead of going to see Transformers 3, or another less-than–stellar sequel this summer, why not donate that money to an aspiring filmmaker attempting to achieve his dream of becoming just that, a filmmaker.

This summer don’t give another ten dollars to Michael Bay, give that money to an aspiring filmmaker and help support independent cinema!

To donate and learn more, click here.

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1 Response to Don’t Give Michael Bay Another 10 Dollars

  1. komuves says:

    Hey Daniel! Congrats on your successful campaign on IndieGoGo! By the way, in my humble opinion Transformers 1 was OK, but the first time I walked out of a screening was Transformers 2. I will definitely not pay for Transformers 3. By the way, how is the project going, and how could I see the finished film?

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