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The Dead Days of Summer Teaser

Recently, my activity on The Deleted Scene has diminished somewhat, to say the least. My attention has been focused on pre-production, shooting and now editing my first film, The Dead Days of Summer. The last time I updated the blog … Continue reading

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Movie Review: The Tree of Life

Where were You? Sometimes the most seemingly unimportant shot can stay with you for days. This was the case with one shot in Terrence Malick’s film, The Tree of Life. Not unlike with Malick’s other work, the first viewing of … Continue reading

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Pushing Sound Forward

Having just returned from an event at the Dolby headquarters in San Francisco, the important developments happening in sound have been put into an entirely new light for me. Surrounded, a two-day conference bringing together a large cross section of … Continue reading

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Dolby Pushes Sound Ideas

Sound is undeniably an integral aspect of film that is sadly often overlooked. It is because of this that I am very excited to be attending Surrounded, an event hosted by Dolby in San Francisco next week that is sure … Continue reading

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