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Horror Is Not A Halloween Decoration

October is the one time of the year where horror becomes mainstream. As Halloween approaches, audiences are pulled towards the scary and the unsettling, and film sites begin covering and discussing the genre. It is a great time for horror … Continue reading

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The Filmmaker’s Mind Put To Screen

Real life can be a dangerous place for filmmakers to look for inspiration. Reality can be a straight-jacket that limits creative freedom. Yet, filmmakers making autobiographical films have created some of the most important films in cinema history. Autobiographical films … Continue reading

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Gambling 300 Million: The Difficulties Of Marketing John Carter

When a studio spends upwards of $ 100 million on a film, they do so as a carefully calculated risk. Whether it be a video-game, television show or breakfast cereal, these films are almost always based on previously existing properties. … Continue reading

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The Dead Days of Summer

In early January, I was hit with an idea for a film that I just couldn’t let go. By the end of March, the crowd-funding campaign I ran to help finance my film came to a very successful close and, … Continue reading

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The Self-Absorbed Cinema

As a Canadian, I am saddened to admit that Canada’s film industry is in a state of shambles–and it has been for a long time. Many different factors can be blamed for this, from its reliance on government funding, to … Continue reading

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