The Dead Days of Summer

In early January, I was hit with an idea for a film that I just couldn’t let go. By the end of March, the crowd-funding campaign I ran to help finance my film came to a very successful close and, with the help of dozens of generous donations and volunteers, I was able to shoot my first film. The Dead Days of Summer is 26-minute short film, and hopefully the first of many. Because it is a first effort, it is rough around the edges. However, I am still immensely proud of what I achieved (without the benefit of film school), and the mistakes I made are ones I know I will not make again. My goal was to make a slice-of-life film that looked at teenagers living in a world unlike our own, and in this way I feel I was successful. I would love to hear what everyone thinks of the film, and to thank everyone for their support.

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One Response to The Dead Days of Summer

  1. I would certainly say that you succeeded in your goal. What a good first effort! I like your choice of locations, music, and camera work. Stay with it, and we may be reading about you some day.


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