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Movie Review: Hugo

There are films that are about romance, and then there are films that are romantic. Martin Scorsese’s Hugo is one such film. The boy, girl love story in the film is not the romance I speak of, rather it is … Continue reading

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Giving Take Shelter The Time It Deserves

Occasionally a film will hit me so hard, I cannot accurately put words to my feelings. While I was excited for Jeff Nichols’ second film, Take Shelter, I was not expecting to be moved so forcefully by the film. Several … Continue reading

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Contest: Win The Art of Flight On Blu-ray

It is my pleasure to announce that our first contest will feature one of the all-time best action sports films: Curt Morgan and Brain Farm Cinema’s The Art of Flight. I will be giving away three copies of The Art … Continue reading

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No Shame In NC-17

In 1972, many critics believed that Bernardo Bertolucci’s Last Tango In Paris would revolutionize how sexuality was depicted and accepted in mainstream cinema. As we all know, there has been no revolution. We have not evolved all that much, and … Continue reading

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Film Takes Flight

In July I wrote a piece about 7.1 surround sound and how the technology being developed by Dolby and others is moving cinema forward and attracting new audiences by changing their viewing experience. Watching Brain Farm Cinema and Curt Morgan’s … Continue reading

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