Giving Take Shelter The Time It Deserves

Occasionally a film will hit me so hard, I cannot accurately put words to my feelings. While I was excited for Jeff Nichols’ second film, Take Shelter, I was not expecting to be moved so forcefully by the film. Several times this week I have attempted my review, but every time I was left feeling unhappy with the result and I had to begin again. As such, I have decided to put off writing the full review until I have had the chance to see the film once again.

It is a film that deals with a difficult subject matter, mental illness. It does this in a way that is far more intelligent and cinematic than you will see in most films about the challenges of mental illness. While difficult, and at times troubling, the film is rewarding in far more ways than one. I hope to have a review up later this week, after I have had to chance to revisit the picture once again and solidify my thoughts on what is one of this year’s best films.

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