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Thank You Andrew Stanton

Much has been written about Andrew Stanton’s John Carter, and far too much of that has been negative. Critical writing is one thing, but mean-spirited is another. It is not my intention to discuss the marketing and box-office failure of … Continue reading

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The North Carolina New Wave

One of the most interesting groups of filmmakers to come out of America in the last decade seems to have gone unnamed as of yet. I first discovered these filmmakers one summer, years ago. At the time, I did not … Continue reading

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The Villain Next Door

When I was 11, my family moved from a city neighbourhood to the suburbs. My first year there I knew no one. All of the streets, houses and parks looked the same to me. With nothing to differentiate one from … Continue reading

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Movie Review: John Carter

It was a unique movie-going experience finally seeing John Carter, a film I had been passionately awaiting as a avid fan of the source material. Last June, while waiting in an airport, I decided to buy Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic … Continue reading

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