Making A Movie About Us

As shooting was winding down on my first short film last summer, I edited together a rough-cut for my crew. At that point, we had yet to film the last couple of scenes, so I created an ending using unused footage, some of which was simply behind-the-scenes material. That ending stayed in the film, as I found the process of creating a scene out of unrelated material fascinating and surprisingly effective. It remains my favourite scene in the film, and made me want to explore the technique further.

Since about 2005, I have had the habit of filming my friends at just about any time. Throughout high school, I was a constant pest with my standard-definition DV camera. To this day, I will find rogue DV tapes in just about every nook and cranny of my house. That annoying habit of mine intensified over the last year, as I decided that I would make use of that footage and craft my next film largely from pre-existing material.

That film eventually became, I’ll Remember You, and while it is not a documentary, the footage is real. At least, it is real in the sense that it is unscripted footage edited together in a somewhat dishonest way. It is a 30-minute film about me, my friends and the community we live in. It is about people who are stuck in the past, and unable to accept they have moved into adulthood.

It is a film I felt I had to make before I could move onto other projects. I have always been preoccupied with childhood and remaining in the grey area between being a child and being an adult. This film is my attempt at incapsulating that feeling, and dealing with my own insecurities about my future.

The style of filmmaking I used for this film is one I want to develop, as it feels like a natural way of storytelling for me. This is my first attempt at it, and it is, of course, not perfect. That being said, I am very proud of this film, and what I was able to accomplish from those hours upon hours of memories trapped inside my old DV tapes.

As I decided not to submit the film to festivals, I ask, if you enjoy the film or want to support independent filmmaking, that you help spread the film around. Post it on twitter, or facebook. While this is my first attempt at this style of filmmaking, it is very much indicative of the kind of films I hope to make in the future.

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