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9 Responses to Contact

  1. RunningSiren says:

    Daniel – looking forward to reading more of your reviews/blogs. You have a very mature view of films that I love.

  2. namnack says:

    Just wanted to leave a comment on your review for The Social Network on IMDb. I didn’t see the movie yet but I thought it was a well written and spot on commentary. Style over substance seems to be Mr. Fincher’s Achilles heel which was most obvious watching the Benjamin Button film. The movie Se7en however is in my top 3 and so I have to disagree with you regarding the statement that he’s never made a ‘great one’.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. And thanks for the effort.

    • Thank you! I really appreciate that. I may re-watch Seven as I have been recommended to several times in the last couple weeks.
      I’ll be interested to hear from you once you have seen The Social Network, to see if you still agree with me.

      • namnack says:

        I stumbled across a bookmark I apparently made for this thread. I have now seen The Social Network several times and I consider it to be one of my favorite movies. This is in large part due to the great performances but above all the tight script by Sorkin. Fincher’s handy work in the cinematography is also notable, but this was never his weak point to begin with. So I guess I have to strongly disagree with your review after all. It’s a well crafted film that obviously wouldn’t appeal to everyone. But to say it’s a poorly made film seems out of touch with reality.

  3. Saky says:

    Hey Daniel, today I read your review at IMDB for The Social Network and I can’t agree with you more about the movie. It seemed like you gave words to my feelings for this movie. Despite presenting an amazing story in an unusually refreshing style, the movie never looked like being a great movie to me as well & thus never a contender for the Oscar for Best Motion Picture of the year though definitely for Best Editing, that it got. The movie left an emotional blank to be filled.

    Finally, I’d just like to appreciate your style of writing & happy about myself to have found you website as well where I can read some more of sensible movie reviews.

    Keep up the good work. Wish you luck on you new endeavor of film-making.
    You have got a new follower all the way from India.

  4. Sorry for my english (i’m from Romania). Anyway i like very musch your comments. Seems we have somewhat similar tastes in movies. I like too, Sinister for example and Inception (I read your comment on IMDB where i found it, and i think this is the great movie in last ten years). And like you, not a fan of Tarantino movies… Congratulation for your job!

  5. Jony says:

    Have you seen french movie ”A Prophet” (Un Prophete)? If not, watch it and review it, I’m sure it’s my top crime movie, it’s just so real and so tense and so.. You gotta watch it, it’s one of those movies I wished I hadn’t watched yet, so I could see it again and not know what was going to happen.

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