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A Film Without A Home: Who Really Made John Carter?

Six months after the disastrous release of Andrew Stanton’s John Carter, it is somewhat easier now to look back and explore some of the more interesting questions left unanswered. The primary of which, largely ignored in the midst of the … Continue reading

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Thank You Andrew Stanton

Much has been written about Andrew Stanton’s John Carter, and far too much of that has been negative. Critical writing is one thing, but mean-spirited is another. It is not my intention to discuss the marketing and box-office failure of … Continue reading

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Movie Review: John Carter

It was a unique movie-going experience finally seeing John Carter, a film I had been passionately awaiting as a avid fan of the source material. Last June, while waiting in an airport, I decided to buy Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic … Continue reading

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Gambling 300 Million: The Difficulties Of Marketing John Carter

When a studio spends upwards of $ 100 million on a film, they do so as a carefully calculated risk. Whether it be a video-game, television show or breakfast cereal, these films are almost always based on previously existing properties. … Continue reading

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