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A Film Without A Home: Who Really Made John Carter?

Six months after the disastrous release of Andrew Stanton’s John Carter, it is somewhat easier now to look back and explore some of the more interesting questions left unanswered. The primary of which, largely ignored in the midst of the … Continue reading

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Movie Review: John Carter

It was a unique movie-going experience finally seeing John Carter, a film I had been passionately awaiting as a avid fan of the source material. Last June, while waiting in an airport, I decided to buy Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic … Continue reading

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Pixar In Danger

In 1977, George Lucas made one of the most influential and beloved films of all time, Star Wars, and it ruined any hope he had of ever becoming a great filmmaker. It has happened countless times, from Lucas to Shyamalan, … Continue reading

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Cheerleading John Carter

Originally published January 20th, 2012 on Battleship Pretension, here. Cheerleading a film has never been part of my film reviews or writing. I see it often as a website or writer buying into the marketing of a massive film and … Continue reading

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Pushing Sound Forward

Having just returned from an event at the Dolby headquarters in San Francisco, the important developments happening in sound have been put into an entirely new light for me. Surrounded, a two-day conference bringing together a large cross section of … Continue reading

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It Is Just A Kids’ Film

How often have you heard “it’s just a kids’ film” as the go-to defence for a lacklustre children’s film? This is not only condescending to kids but is demeaning to film in general. This argument is no justification for the … Continue reading

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