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My Top 10 Favourite Films Of 2012

First let me mention that this is not a list of the “best films of 2012”. It is however a list of my favourite 10 films of the year. I missed many potentially great films during the year, and beyond … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Stories We Tell

Making a personal film takes a certain level of courage on the part of the filmmaker. Allowing the audience into one’s memories, thought process, and feelings is, of course, difficult. That being said, when done successfully, it can often make … Continue reading

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Catching Up On The Summer’s Best

While I may have spent most of this summer making my own film, I was still able to watch many great, small films that I did not have time to review. These films kept me going throughout the difficult editing … Continue reading

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The Self-Absorbed Cinema

As a Canadian, I am saddened to admit that Canada’s film industry is in a state of shambles–and it has been for a long time. Many different factors can be blamed for this, from its reliance on government funding, to … Continue reading

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