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Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

People often point out negatively the escalating nature of the Hollywood blockbuster. And while the majority of blockbusters are loud, long and obnoxious, rarely do they feel epic. Christopher Nolan has made several great blockbusters in his career, but it … Continue reading

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Millennials Love Film Too

Last week, LA Times film critic, Neil Gabler, wrote an article blaming the quickly-rebooted Spider-Man film not on the studio system or greed, but on young people. And while this is a sufficiently ridiculous claim, it is only the tip … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Cosmopolis

When I realized that David Cronenberg’s latest film,┬áCosmopolis, was screening in London, I jumped at the chance at seeing a new film from one of my favourite filmmakers. That was two weeks ago, and it has taken me this long … Continue reading

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